Management Consulting

Improvement of the performance through the analysis of existing problems and value in the production process

Operations management has consistently been one of the most important efficiency issues of any company. Operational excellence strategies deliver significant increases in productivity, process reliability, and competitiveness.

By using appropriate methodologies and techniques Avarice helps organizations to define, optimize, and implement integrated operations management solutions to deliver performance improvements in all areas of a company. Integrated operations management systems enable organizations to radically improve productivity and efficiency while simultaneously reducing cycle times and inventory and improving customer service.

Avarice, thanks to the expertise of its consultants, assists managers lead themselves to make tough choices, make time for continuous improvement, and form vital personal habits. Productivity, quality, and standardization are the best strategies for measurable impact. A continuous improvement mindset is essential to reach a company's goals.

The Avarice approach consists in the following steps:

  • providing information to a client and solving its problem
  • making a diagnosis, which may necessitate redefinition of the problem
  • making recommendations based on the diagnosis and assisting with the implementation of the recommended actions
  • building a KIPs system for the process monitoring and planning the corrective actions; permanently improving organizational effectiveness