Along with providing services on custom software, thanks to its experience in web applications and business processes, Avarice has also successfully developed several in-house innovative products for the global IT marketplace.

e-gea IMAGE


e-gea is a web platform, designed and developed by Avarice that allows the applying users to take advantage of online services by connecting to the website in the relative sections:

  • to download the results of the laboratory tests and imaging in a digital format
  • to book medical examinations/diagnostic tests
  • e-gea mobile is a module of the e-gea portal, which gives patients access to their lab results and other personal health data on their mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android, etc)


JobCast is a web platform, designed and developed by Avarice that facilitates online hunting of job and formative opportunities. This integrated system gives support to job seekers registered to the web site allowing to post personal information and work experiences relevant to their application. It also gives the employers the chance to have their job vacancies posted for job seekers to see. Jobcast can be used by other user' s categories: staff/moderator, learning center's responsibles.

General Information


When Avarice sells its products, it pays attention to the customer’s needs and behaviors, so that it develops stronger relationships with them.

Avarice's consultants understand the real needs of customers and offer only the functionalities that meet those needs. For this reason, the Avarice team is always available to perform a free preliminary analysis to evaluate the effective usefulness of their solution, in the context examined and provides an immediate evaluation of the turnkey solution.


Avarice has available for its customers a suite of modular and flexible solutions, ready to be adapted to customer's needs, without additional cost.

Being the software fully developed by Avarice's staff, the addition of new functionalities or personalized add-ons upon clients request is achievable, saving times and costs.

Configuration and Prototype

The Avarice solution delivery is preceded by a validation process with the client that goes through several steps of review. Initially, the custom applications are configured and made ​​available for client testing on test environment. That allows a complete verification of the compliance of the product with the customer's needs.

This necessary control, with the client, preludes every final release to production environment. Only if a client starts to use and analyze the product, it can realize that an important feature for it is missing.

Support & Maintenance

During the life-cycle and the use of any product, the initial expectations and needs of clients may change, so it is necessary to make adjustments to modify it. This has driven Avarice to realize a service package contract, that allows customers to take advantage of a special very flexible formula, thanks to which the clients can also require the development of new functionalities.

The Avarice formula is designed for customers requiring immediate, high-level, technical support, but it guarantees the flexibility needed.

Hardware & Hosting

On customers request Avarice is able to provide the hardware components needed by clients that require the whole application package: software product with its supporting hardware.

Moreover for its web products, on customers request, Avarice offers a broad spectrum of web hosting solutions ranging from shared web hosting to dedicated servers running Windows and Linux.