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Avarice nel tempo ha sviluppato, con successo, numerose soluzioni software personalizzate

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Avarice has successfully delivered many custom developed software solutions. The projects were conducted for clients from various business domains, and implemented with manifold technologies. This has allowed Avarice to extend gradually its competencies and meet even the expectations of the most demanding enterprises.

Production Manager Solution ScreenShot

Production Manager

Scet business is to enamel and to wind copper wire. During its evolution the company considered the opportunity to certify their products in order to gain more competitiveness on market. To achieve that goal it requested Avarice to build a control system to monitor the production and the quality controls on the products, coherent with the research project developed by Scet in cooperation with politecnico di Torino.


  • Framework 2.0
  • Compact Framework 2.0
  • Windows Ce 5.0
  • Web Services
  • SQL Server 2005
  • Reporting Services
Quality control on mobile devices Solution ScreenShot

Quality control on mobile devices

Azimut, leading society in amusement boating, committed Avarice the realization of an application based on Tablet to manage the quality and the testing of boats.


  • SQL Server 2005
  • Access 2003
Collections manager Solution ScreenShot

Collections manager

Seven, after the acquisition of Invicta, faced the necessity of managing the multiple phases of internal processes to create a real synergy between the factory departments. It committed Avarice an application to manage all the events to allow an effective synergy and a real time control by the division responsible.


  • Framework 2.0 (VB .Net)
  • My SQL
Communication with Televis Compact devices Solution ScreenShot

Communication with Televis Compact devices

Data collection from “Televis Compact” devices by means of dedicated communication protocols. Development of an application that allows the configuration of profiles dedicated to the collection of information from devices who are reachable through different physical channel such as (Modem, Modem over IP, GSM, GPRS, serial port).


  • Microsoft Framework 2.0
  • Microsoft Access 2002
Consulting on Televis Compact 1.2 Solution ScreenShot

Consulting on Televis Compact 1.2

During the development of software for its product "Televis Compact 1.2", Eliwell has advised with Avarice on several occasions, ordering them the development of various application modules. The cooperation between Eliwell and Avarice range from design / development of user interfaces (web and windows) to development tools configuration.


  • Framework 3.5
  • Compact Framework 3.5
  • MooTools (JS Framework)
  • XML
  • Compact SQL
Larc - EchoView Solution ScreenShot

Larc - EchoView

Echoview is an application allows to interface ultrasound scanner with Windows PCs. Its main functions include:

  • a video capturing module to display and filter images
  • a video displaying module
  • a module to manage and elaborate the images captured from video
  • an Images Printing module
  • patient data entry form
  • an application configuration settings module
  • a data saving and storing module
  • a digital data burning module


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (C#)
  • Microsoft DirectX 9.0
Student to Business Web Portal Solution ScreenShot

Student to Business Web Portal

Microsoft is always more interested in starting co operations with university world. The cooperation between Avarice members and Microsoft persuaded the company to propose to the EMEA responsible of the Redmond enterprise a project based on a web portal dedicated to put in relationship students and universities with Microsoft partners managing at a European level the job and internship opportunities offered by the companies to the students. Microsoft believed in the idea from Avarice and committed the realization of the portal. The project was born for Europe and it's actually worldwide widespread, several countries from each continent had joined in.


  • ASP .Net 3.5
  • Microsoft Ajax .Net
  • Microsoft SQL Server / Reporting Services
X-Icon Editor Solution ScreenShot

X-Icon Editor

X-Icon Editor is an HTML5 application that allows you to create high resolution icons. With X-Icon Editor you can quickly get your site ready with a large icon which will be available for pinned sites and the new tab page.


  • ASP .Net 3.5
  • .NET Web Services
  • HTML 5
  • jQuery Framework
SharePoint Solution to manage the corporate Balanced Scorecard Solution ScreenShot

SharePoint Solution to manage the corporate Balanced Scorecard

Avarice has developed a WebPart set that allows represente, into SharePoint 2007, reports. One of the WebParts draws a navigation menu, fully configurable through XML. This web part allows users to set filtering parameters of the reports displayed on the page. The menu has been realized using JQuery and it dynamically organizes the data.


  • Microsoft Framework 3.5
  • SharePoint 2007
  • JQuery
NAVex (Navision Exchanger) Solution ScreenShot

NAVex (Navision Exchanger)

Universal connector that allows the interaction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP with external applications.


  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0
  • Microsoft Framework 2.0
Direct to Pharmacy Solution ScreenShot

Direct to Pharmacy

The DTP application has been developed By Avarice, for a multinational pharmaceutical company in order to:

  • ensure that the company is trading with customers entitled to sell drugs (legal requirements)
  • keep under control the company financial exposure, to monitor if customer information change and to comply with the financial requirements
  • control customers activity and detect frauds

The developed web application allows to provide to users, implementing and supporting the following processes:

  • new accounts approval
  • existing accounts management
  • reporting sales versus current quotas
  • quotas upload from Excel file


  • ASP .Net 3.5
  • Microsoft Ajax .Net
  • Oracle 11g
Balanced Scorecard dataentry Solution ScreenShot

Balanced Scorecard dataentry

Avarice, for a major multinational pharmaceutical company, has developed a data entry, which can be integrated with several dashboard systems,in order to help the company implement and manage its Balanced Scorecard. Based on pre-defined business rules in the workflow, the application allows all users, involved in the management of data and information of the Balanced Scorecard, to manage:

  • metric values
  • objective values
  • alerts and key messages
  • action plans of each metric
  • metric boards. In particular, each metric can be configured and associated with specific algorithms. The system allows to manage:
    • Target period (month / quarter / year)
    • Planned period (month / quarter / year)
    • Actual Value period (month / quarter / year)
    • YTD Target
    • YTD Scheduled
    • YTD Value


  • ASP .Net 3.5
  • Microsoft Ajax .Net
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Handover web application Solution ScreenShot

Handover web application

Responsive web application for managing the handover of the departments of a production of a pharmaceutical company. The application allows you to manage different types of fields (text, multi selection, upload documents, etc ...) contained in a structure dependent on the department. The application performs a validation of the credentials on the Active Directory Domain and generates mail when filling out the various steps of delivery.


  • JQuery Mobile
  • Active Directory
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle Database
Rugger SPA - Production Planning and Control Solution ScreenShot

Rugger SPA - Production Planning and Control

For Rugger SPA, one of Cooked Ham's market leader, Avarice has created a custom-made system to plan the production. From demand forecast, the system generates a weekly or monthly production planning. The system automatically generates also the purchases and arrivals planning for the raw materials.


  • Framework 4.0
  • SQL Server 2005
  • ASP .NET 4.0
  • JQuery Framework
  • Windows Forms
Rugger SPA - Traceability of production Solution ScreenShot

Rugger SPA - Traceability of production

For Rugger SPA, one of Cooked Ham's market leader, Avarice has created a custom-made system of traceability of production. Based on the production plan the application collects all information relating to the traceability and quality compared to the various stages of product processing. The collected data are available from the heads of the departments involved.


  • Framework 4.0
  • SQL Server 2005
  • Windows Forms
  • Windows Communication Foundation
  • SQL Reporting
SharePoint 2010 - Knowledge Management System Solution ScreenShot

SharePoint 2010 - Knowledge Management System

Avarice has provided advice during the design and development for a major Italian banking group of a portal KMS made in SharePoint 2010 with the creation of some extensions (Web Services, Database Management external, realization of Web pages that use intensively the Server Object Model).


  • SharePoint 2010
  • ASP .NET
  • CSS, HTML, JQuery
SharePoint 2010 - Multilanguage Support enhancement Solution ScreenShot

SharePoint 2010 - Multilanguage Support enhancement

Design and development of extensions for SharePoint 2010 aimed at managing a multilingual portal for the management of a chain of franchise stores in the restaurant business.


  • SharePoint 2010
  • ASP .NET
SharePoint 2013 - Intranet portal Solution ScreenShot

SharePoint 2013 - Intranet portal

Avarice has developed an intranet based on SharePoint 2013 platform for sharing data for a multinational company active in the construction industry. The main features of the solution are:

  • Customize the graphics through Master Pages and Page Layouts
  • Creating a series of preconfigured Site Definition
  • Aggregation events and tasks from different sites
  • Integration with Exchange Web Services (EWS)
  • Population and automatic profiling groups based on content from Oracle Database
  • Extension communication mechanisms with the addition of the management of SMS


    • SharePoint 2013
    • ASP .NET
    • CSS, HTML
    • JQuery
    • Oracle Database
    • Exchange Web Services (EWS)
SharePoint 2013 - Components for advanced reporting Solution ScreenShot

SharePoint 2013 - Components for advanced reporting

Avarice has developed a variety of components for SharePoint 2013 with the aim of favoring the creation of solutions for the generation of portals acts to reporting and communication. The solution has the distinction of not relying on Farm Solutions and then be already prepared for the transition to the cloud solution. The main features include:

  • Automatic filters and configurable for unified representation of reports based on Microsoft Reporting Services and Tableau
  • Menu navigation using modular longer term set simultaneously
  • Customize the graphics through Master Pages and page layouts


  • SharePoint 2013
  • JQuery