Microsoft SharePoint Consulting

When working with software as vast as SharePoint, assistance from an expert is definitely an advantage

SharePoint Consulting Services

When you find it difficult to discover whether SharePoint would be fit for your business or not, when you need a SharePoint Consultant who understands the nature of your business domain, who is able to advise changes and who is able to show you the benefits and drawbacks of something you have been thinking about, when you need a proven SharePoint Consulting company whose experts have taken up projects similar to yours and implemented them successfully.

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Governance Consulting

One of the keys to SharePoint's popularity is its ease of use. If administered wisely, SharePoint can be a tremendously powerful resource. However, because it is so easy to build new sites, SharePoint systems can grow quickly and become unwieldy. And that is why a SharePoint governance plan is essential.

Proper SharePoint governance assigns responsibilities and access levels to various members of your organization to ensure SharePoint runs smoothly. In short, SharePoint governance determines how SharePoint will run, who will do it and what equipment will be used. Among other things, a SharePoint governance plan addresses:

  • Individual and group roles and responsibilities
  • Hardware
  • Operations
  • Application Usage
  • Branding
  • Navigation

Setup and Configuration

Needs of different businesses are different. We know this and provide you with customized solutions as per your business needs. Our SharePoint consulting team will help you with following configurations:

  • Site Branding
  • Search Configuration
  • Content Types Configuration
  • Enterprise Content Management (SharePoint CMS)

Customization and development

SharePoint Portals and SharePoint Intranets extend support to initiate communication and collaboration between business users thereby providing them with secure and authenticated access to critical business information.

Our experienced team of SharePoint developers will help you achieve a number of objectives through the successful utilization of the SharePoint framework and content management systems. The services for that you can trust us are:

  • Advanced Site Branding
  • Web Development & Portal Development
  • Custom Webpart development
  • Custom Site Definition development
  • Custom Workflow development using Visual Studio and SharePoint Designer
  • Customization and automation using Content Types and Event Receivers
  • Custom Add-in (Apps) development
  • Package installers using WSP Builders
  • Third-party Applications Integration