The keys to the Avarice success are the professionalism and the commitment of the people who comprise the team.

Avarice's team is comprised of young and enthusiastic professionals, each of whom with unique contribution to the company’s excellent reputation. The technology force is growing every year as Avarice works on further enhancing the quality of services and products provided.

Avarice’ technical team is divided into a Management Consulting department and Software Development department.

Avarice established from the idea of some motivated members that passionately manage it animated by a strong predisposition for team thanks to their natural inclination to coordination and to the experience gathered inside a national university association that allowed them to work with important IT companies such as Microsoft.

Since 2007, as some senior consultants that cooperate with Avarice, Maurizio Da Bove, professor in some important Italian universities such as Politecnico di Torino and University Bocconi in Milano, has believed in the Avarice project and has joined up with the team. His involvement has the objective to reach those companies and organizations that could benefit from leading edge knowledge, developed in the classrooms and laboratories, mainly concerning the Supply Chain.

By working in integrated teams, the Avarice staff and senior consultants create a synergy that enables us to provide the best results to our clients. Every Avarice employee has the responsibility to contribute to the ethical working atmosphere, and build upon the customer-oriented approach of the company.

Jobs opportunities

Avarice is always interested in teaming with highly qualified and motivated people. If you are interested in joining the Avarice Team, please contact us.

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