Training & Financial opportunities

Management Consulting

Thanks to the cooperation with some important Learning centres, Avarice provides IT and business skills learning to both the private and public sector companies and organizations.

Flexible and tailored learning programmes incorporate e-learning, instructor-led, mentored and collaborative learning at training centres, on-site and via the internet, enabling customers to choose when, where and how they want to receive training programmes and learning services.

Moreover Avarice helps its clients to find new norms, rules and financial opportunities for training courses and, supporting them in all the stages of the process for accessing funds allocated by the competent organs.

Avarice provides comprehensive training programs to its customers and partners. Courses can be custom tailored to specific needs.

The Avarice training offer includes the following main areas:

  • Organization development
  • Technological innovation
  • Production and Process Consulting
  • Healthcare Consulting Supply Chain & Logistics Project
  • Demand-driven planning of healthcare processes