Avarice considers the information technology as a major encouragement of the company improvement; for this reason the Avarice technical team is composed of people trained and constantly informed in several sector of the IT market.

Avarice is always looking for new tools and development methodologies because it thinks that is essential in the ICT market characterized by continuous evolution.

Avarice delivers a high level service to its clients, merging the competencies and the experience of its consultants in the different sectors with the specialized knowledge of his software developers.

Avarice is strongly sided with its customers, helping to overlook and take care of his past and future investments, suggesting advanced and innovative solutions but carefully balanced with customer’s financial position.

Moreover Avarice provides IT outsourcing and software development services. Leading companies rely on us to help develop their most complex software solutions.

Jobs opportunities

Avarice is always interested in teaming with highly qualified and motivated people. If you are interested in joining the Avarice Team, please contact us.

Work With Us
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Design and Development

Avarice designs and develops new software products or revisits clients' applications with new features
SharePoint Consulting Services IMAGE

SharePoint Consulting Services

When working with software as vast as SharePoint, assistance from an expert is definitely an advantage
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Featured Case Studies

Avarice has successfully delivered custom application software to its clients over the years.


Services IMAGE

One key attribute of Avarice software development process is the flexible, customized approach to each project and customer need: every typical scenarios is customized based on your business goals and requirements.

  • Applications Development and Outsourcing
    • Design and develop scalable, secure and configurable Desktop and Web applications
    • Modernize existing legacy applications using .NET Application Development framework
    • Migrate / Reengineer web and desktop applications.
    • Develop distributed applications using web services
    • Develop Phone and Mobile Applications
    • .NET Application Integration
    • .NET Application Maintenance and Enhancement
  • Project management process: planning, scheduling, project monitoring, reporting, communication, and issue resolution.
  • Engineering processes: configuration management, requirements development, design and testing. Waterfall, iterative, and agile development methodologies.
  • Comprehensive quantitative process measurements and control: productivity measurement, as well as schedule and effort variance tracking.
  • Collaboration:helping customers to integrate their digital collaboration, communication and content management tools in a single, secure platform using Microsoft SharePoint.